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Седмицата на действие за природата и мира (21-25 септември)

Седмицата на действие за природата и мира (21-25 септември)
It is with great interest that second grade students with class teacher Svetlana Hristova have participated in a number of initiatives to mark the Nature and Peace Action Week (September 21-25). They have taken action on global issues discussed at UN summits. The desire for a peaceful life, friendship and solidarity between peoples and the preservation of beautiful nature are the main unifying ideas and a call to action in the name of preserving peace and life on Earth. Second-graders in play form discussed the well-known but very topical topic "Healthy and healthy lifestyles", commented on what it means to be healthy, ways and actions to be healthy, how to make friendships, to show tolerance and initiative in order to feel happy and helpful. There was a talk about the sustainable use of the world's water resources, the maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity, and the basics of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The students, despite their age, showed enviable knowledge of the topics discussed.
The initiative ended with the call "Living in universal peace around the world". The students were united in the idea of ​​working for nature conservation and being responsible for the state of the environment around us, because the actions of each of them are important for the benefit of the entire planet.

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