On June 8, 2021, the director of PSS “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi” signed an agreement with the bilingual school Ningbo Zhenhai Jiaochuan (Ningbo Zhenhai Jiaochuan). Building on the principles of mutual trust and equality, the two schools become twinned and will develop exchanges in the field of education and teaching in the following aspects:
1. Exchange of teachers
The two countries will cooperate and exchange experiences online and on-site in the field of in-service training of teachers, daily training of students, research of students.
2. Interaction with students
During the winter and summer vacations, students from both schools will conduct 2-3 weeks of exchange to gain in-depth experience in the classroom; to seek new perspectives in education and teaching; to carry out exchanges in the field of culture and arts between the two countries.