Children should have the opportunity to learn from experience and make mistakes;

To educate them that education is a value;

To provide them with opportunities to take responsibility for their own behavior;

To stimulate the expression of concern for other people;

To have opportunities to contribute to everyday life at school, family or social group.

To increase their personal, social and financial independence;

PPS “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi” defends a public cause at the center of which they stand smart, well-educated and capable children– the future of Bulgaria.

By ensuring the high quality of the educational product, we have adopted a teaching methodology that focuses on thinking about the child as a whole, as someone who needs care and attention here and now. We are interested in the child’s overall life, and how the impact of new life challenges affects his or her development, life, feelings, and socialization.

Assistance as a process in educational work is in the value of our practice, as principles and requirements for human development. Our approach is related to the understanding of the great role that adults play in raising children.


The education at PPS “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi” starts from a preparatory group, first grade, fifth or eighth grade. If there are vacancies in the other classes, students are admitted after taking entrance tests in Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics.


1. Training according to the State educational standards and curricula;
2. Upgrading the knowledge and skills in mathematics and Bulgarian language by expanding the curriculum with additional collections and manuals;
3. Intensive foreign language training with a choice of Chinese and Russian with hours 10 per week for primary and lower secondary stage and 18 hours per week for secondary stage;
4. English language training as a second foreign language, from a preparatory group and 1. class up to 12. class;
5. Practical use of the acquired knowledge and skills through work on group projects;
6. Individual profiling depending on the interests of the student by inclusion in various clubs by interests – piano, logic tasks, foreign languages, karate, dance, etc .;
7. Development of critical thinking skills as a key competence of our time;
8. Development of audience speaking skills and presentation skills;
9. Development of soft skills – personal habits, language, way of communication, task management, relationships with classmates, parents and teachers;
10. Selected and motivating learning environment.