About PSS “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi”

PSS “Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi” is the only private school in Bulgaria with intensive study of Chinese as a foreign language.

From September 2020 we offer our students intensive study of Russian by a preschool preparatory group and 1. class.

English is compulsory throughout the learning cycle.


  • World – Our children learn to orient themselves correctly in the world and to choose their own career path.

  • Education – Our children learn to become whole, socially mature and responsible individuals.

  • Learning process – Our children learn because of the joy of knowledge, not because of the fear of the System.


Guarantee for the quality of our education are the authoritative teaching staff, modern programs, effective methods for teaching and learning, technological support, opportunities for personal care for students.

Mastering knowledge presupposes interest, dialogue and enthusiasm.
Our students need freedom of imagination and we provide them with versatile support for their talent.
Our students need trust and gain trust.
Our students need security and we invest in their security.

Our teachers are carefully selected according to high criteria. They combine proven professionalism with pedagogical experience and personal commitment.
Our teachers are ready to take responsibility for the intellectual maturation and emotional development of young people.

Parents are our partners in fulfilling our mutual goal – selected environment and quality education.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that our students come from very well-educated families who carefully choose the educational path of their children so as to be the next elite of Bulgaria.

The choice to entrust us with the education of their children is the deepest possible trust and we are fully aware of it. That is why we are obliged to provide excellent education in terms of curricula, education in Chinese, English and Russian, classrooms and facilities.






1. Training according to the State educational standards and curricula;
2. Upgrading the knowledge and skills in mathematics and Bulgarian language by expanding the curriculum with additional collections and manuals;
3. Intensive foreign language training with a choice of Chinese and Russian with hours 10 per week for primary and lower secondary stage and 18 hours per week for secondary stage;
4. English language training as a second foreign language, from a preparatory group and 1. class up to 12. class;
5. Practical use of the acquired knowledge and skills through work on group projects;
6. Individual profiling depending on the interests of the student by inclusion in various clubs by interests – piano, logic tasks, foreign languages, karate, dance, etc .;
7. Development of critical thinking skills as a key competence of our time;
8. Development of audience speaking skills and presentation skills;
9. Development of soft skills – personal habits, language, way of communication, task management, relationships with classmates, parents and teachers;
10. Selected and motivating learning environment.

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