The project “FORMATION OF OUR SCHOOL SHAPES OUR FUTURE – Integrated environmental and language learning through art” will be funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under the National Program “SCHOOL – TERRITORY OF STUDENTS: by students”: stage”.
Project summary:
Responding to the public needs and the personal expectations of students and parents, Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Primary School has been offering and working to improve the quality of the educational process since its establishment.
We are looking for ways to create a positive educational learning environment by encouraging and motivating students and supporting them to achievements and constructive competition and activities of interest, which complement the assimilation of learning content from compulsory education classes.
The direct relationship between the school environment and student achievement has been studied many times, and the correlation is directly proportional. (See: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Effective Schools Research; Bev Wilson, Ph.D. Martin L. Abbott, Ph.D. Jeff Joireman, Ph.D. Heather R. Stroh, M.Ed.).
This project aims to create better conditions for personal development of students and a specific positive educational learning environment by furnishing a classroom with thematically and energetically appropriate furniture for full-time education, which can be used by two preparatory groups.
We are looking for a positive solution to any problem situation that is directly related to the social, emotional, motor, cognitive and artistic development of children – elements that are set as educational priorities through integrated environmental and educational topics in the program of this project depending on from the age and experience of the children.